Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Small Business Innovation Research Grant (SBIR)

The 2009 USDA SBIR Grant request for applications (RFA) is now available. Funds may be awarded up to $80,000 for Phase I and up to $350,000 for Phase II. Success rates for applicants have been about 15% for Phase I and 50-60% for Phase II. Projects dealing with agriculturally related manufacturing and alternative and renewable energy technologies are encouraged across all 2009 SBIR topic areas. USDA SBIR's flexible research areas ensure innovative projects consistent with USDA's vision of a healthy and productive nation in harmony with the land, air, and water. USDA SBIR has awarded over 2000 research and development projects since 1983, allowing hundreds of small businesses to explore their technological potential, and providing an incentive to profit from the commercialization of innovative ideas. The deadline for applications to be submitted is September 4, 2008. Go to for more information and the application.


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