Friday, April 25, 2008

Relationship Marketing

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. Not only is nature blossoming back to life but the farmers' market season is upon us!

I love when the Columbia Farmers' Market finally opens. I know I'll be able to purchase loads of fresh and locally grown items; things I've missed during the seemingly unending winter. Besides being fresh and local, I like to buy directly from the farmer. Not only do I know most of the farmers at the market through work, but many of them I have developed a relationship with them outside of the working relationship. They know who I am; they know my kids and my purchasing likes and dislikes. This is called relationship marketing. Once a producer develops a personal relationship with a customer, it makes it awfully hard for that customer to stop buying from you.

So you might want to consider how you can develop relationship marketing within your marketing plan. Make it a point to learn your customers names, give attention to their children and always smile. For more information on marketing direct to the consumer go to the MAC website and click on the letter "M".

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Lane McConnell said...

I'm so HAPPY you've joined the blogging world.

FYI- blogging becomes addictive'll become like me and want to start posting twice or three times a day.