Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Grow Your Farm

Monday evening I gave a short presentation in Rolla to the first graduating class of "Grow Your Farm." The Grow Your Farm course is an extension program that assist new farmers or existing producers who are thinking of adding or changing an enterprise on their farm. The course emphasizes goal creation, assessing market opportunities, planning a farm operation, understanding rural legal issues and keeping track of finances. The course meets 11 times over a 16- to 18-week period. Classes include eight seminars and three farm tours.

I asked the participants in the class, now that the course is coming to a close was it worth their time and money to take the class. Each gave a resounding, yes, and they would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in farming.

To read more about this particular graduating class, read the article at

To learn more about the Grow Your Farm course go to

The next Grow Your Farm class will take place this coming Fall.

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