Thursday, May 1, 2008

High Tunnel Bramble Production

Many producers are always on the hunt for a way to get the highest dollar out of their products. One good way is to be the first producer to have a product available and chances are you can ask for a higher price.

For example, customers will not pay a high price for tomatoes when it's tomato season, but have those same tomatoes available 2-4 weeks ahead of that time and no doubt you will have a line of folks waiting to buy the first tomatoes of the season.

One way of producing crops to have them available earlier in the season is with high tunnels. Many crops can be grown successfully in high tunnels especially vegetables. There are a few producers growing strawberries in high tunnels and now even raspberries and blackberries.

Researchers at Cornell and Pennsylvania State universities have published a guide on the latest and ongoing high tunnel research in the Northeast. The guide includes sections on site selection; the types of tunnels; construction; plant selection; tunnel, crop and pest management; early and late season extension techniques; and budgeting. High tunnels can extend the fruit season and help growers gain much higher prices for their fruit.

The High Tunnel Raspberries and Blackberries publication can be downloaded at

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