Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Farmers' Market Displays

With the growth of farmers' markets across the country many farmers' markets are running out of space to place their vendors. That's what's happening at the Columbia Farmers' Market. So I took a couple of pictures this past Saturday so I could show you a few ways to add space and dimension to your selling space.

The top picture is a vendor who built his own shelving to put the bins of vegetables in. The shelves were built on an angle instead of flat which allows the customers to actually see what he has available. This is what the grocery stores do with their display of produce.

The second picture is another example of the same concept but on a smaller scale. These shelves were built specifically for a product which in this case is honey bears. This shelving also enables the vendor to utilize his table space by placing more product on the table space.

As the season continues along, I will continue to take pictures of venders and their spaces to help you with ideas of your own.

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