Friday, May 9, 2008

Bike, Walk and Wheel

This morning is a morning that many students at my son's school looks forward to. It's Bike, Walk and Wheel Week in Columbia and on Friday of this week the school participates.

Bike, Walk and Wheel Week is a week that the Mayor has designated a week to get out doors and to get some exercise by either biking, walking or wheeling your way from home to work and back again. On Friday of this week, numerous "Breakfast Stations" can be found scattered about town. The Breakfast Stations are supplied by local restaurants with coffee, juice and assorted food items such as bagels, donuts, fruit etc. The food is offered free to those who participate in the event.

Any student and parent at my son's school who wishes can participate. Everyone meets at one of the Breakfast Stations and they all ride as a group down the MKT Trail to another Breakfast Station for a break and a bite to eat. Then they are off to finish their ride to make it to school in time for the first bell to ring. Over 100 students participated today!

So what does this have to do with alternative agriculture you might ask. Well, think about it. As a producer are you involved with your community? If your town has an event do you as a "producer" participate? Do you offer any of your farm products for the event? How could the event be connected with your farm? Or go a step further, could the event somehow be on your farm? Or could you create a community event utilizing your farm as the location?

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