Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Informing the Consumer

Another idea I picked up at the farmers' market this past Saturday was a creative way to display information. The picture shows what looks like wooden window shutters. I asked the vendor who said she bought them from a company that sells displays. But I bet you creative farmers out there could create somthing similar.

Anyways, this shutter like display holds information that you would like for you customers to see. For example, this vendor is trying to educate about her grass fed meat. You'll also notice she has a picture which she switches out from time to time. On the table she has a wooden box with recipes, a book about grass fed meat production and business cards. You can also see a table top electric grill for sampling of her meat.

There is no better way to educate the consumer than through information and sampling. If you do decide to provide samples, be sure to check with your local county health department for any regulations you will need to follow.

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