Tuesday, May 6, 2008

MU Plant Diagnostic Clinic

In your mind, now may not think that this is the time to think about plant diseases or insects, after all this is only the beginning of the growing season. I beg to differ. Now is the perfect time to get prepared on what actions you should take when diseases and insects do hit your crops and you know they will. So let me inform you about the University of Missouri’s Plant Diagnostic Clinic.
The Plant Diagnostic Clinic helps you with questions about your plant and disease problems that you may have. With a properly submitted sample and detailed background information, the Clinic can diagnose your plant disease/insect problems and give you useful management information. In addition, they can identify weeds and insects and tell you how to control those as well.
In order for the Clinic to correctly diagnose the problem, there are specific requirements the Clinic asks that you follow when sending in samples; from which part and how much of the plant to send in to just how the sample should be packaged for shipping. These requirements can be found on their website at http://soilplantlab.missouri.edu/plant/. You can also contact your local county extension office for assistance with this as well.
There is a $15.00 fee for general diagnosis, which applies to most samples. Some samples require an additional fee when additional testing such as pathogen isolation means extra time and lab supplies. If you’ve got any questions, you can call the Clinic at 573-882-0623 or email them at plantclinic@missouri.edu.

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Jes said...

The updated URL for the Plant Diagnostic Clinic is http://plantclinic.missouri.edu